Can toothache cause earache?

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Ear pain can be very distracting. It can take away your ability to focus and concentrate. But what causes it? Can toothache cause earache? You can browse the site of Lotus Smiles Dental in Sunbury to read other informational blogs.


The connection between toothaches and earaches

There is supporting evidence that suggests that when a person is experiencing tooth pain, the pain would spread over to the ears. The cause would be poor oral hygiene that would lead to tooth problems. If the affected tooth would develop a tooth abscess, the pain that is felt in the tooth could radiate to the neck and also sometimes to the ears.


can toothache cause earacheLet us answer that initial question. Can toothache cause earache? Yes. If the pain in the tooth is so severe, such as if there is a serious infection, the affected area can be so broad that it would reach the ears. However, the notion that ear infections can be caused by toothaches is not a valid claim. Impacted molars and infected teeth can cause the pain to spread to the ears, but it is unlikely for it to ever be able to cause an infection in the ears, no matter how widespread the bacteria in the mouth is.


On the other hand, a patient might not be aware that they have an ear infection and they might interpret the pain in their ears as a toothache. If this patient were to visit the dentist, and the dentist would not find any anomaly with the teeth and gums, they would assume that there would be another medical reason for the pain. If the dentist would suspect that the pain is caused by a medical issue, they will refer you to a doctor.


What to do when you have a toothache

Try to identify the cause of the pain. You might not have noticed if you had developed a new cavity. A tooth infection might not be visible to the naked eye. If you are not able to visit a dentist upon the discovery of the pain, make sure to clean your teeth. The practice of good oral habits would protect your teeth and gums from bacteria and infections.


Visit your dentist as soon as you can, so that they can be able to tell you what the cause of the pain was. They will also be able to administer treatment to the affected tooth and give you advice on how to avoid that kind of pain in the future.


Any kind of tooth pain or ear pain should not be dismissed. Visit your dentist or doctor as soon as you can to avoid more serious medical issues.

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