Infrared sauna vs steam sauna: Which is better?

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People naturally crave for peace and relaxation. We find places where we can just reboot and detach ourselves from the work jungle we’ve been in. one of the best places to go are spas, where we get excellent massages, treatments, and some quality alone time. This is also where we can find saunas, now offering many different kinds. In the battle infrared sauna vs steam sauna, which do you think is better? And if this is your first time to hear about it, is infrared sauna safe? Read at for more details.

Infrared sauna vs steam sauna: What is an infrared sauna?

An infrared sauna is a new innovation in the world of spa and relaxation. The sauna is made of wood with infrared lights everywhere. This room makes the body hot with dry heat emitted by the infrared rays, usually reaching 115 to 130 degrees Fahrenheit! The rays directly heat the body and not the room itself, so it is said the heat you get from an infrared sauna is more detoxifying than normal saunas.

infrared sauna vs steam saunaInfrared sauna vs steam sauna: What is a steam sauna?

This may be considered as the traditional kind of sauna that has been around since 2000 years ago. The idea is simple: you are going to stay in an enclosed room where a steam generator makes the whole place hot. Before, coals are being wet by water causing them to produce steam, and the temperature can reach up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit! Now, modern steam rooms have controlled temperatures, usually around 120 degrees.

Are they safe?

Both infrared and steam saunas are very safe, and they are being used for a very long time. However, like any other relaxation or leisure treatments, it is still best to make your safety your number one priority.

Consult your doctor. If you have a heart or breathing problem, ask for your doctor’s approval if you can use a sauna. Breathing inside the room may be a bit difficult, and some first-timers even panic and loss consciousness because they did not expect the heat to be that intense.

Hydrate yourself. Because you will sweat a lot, it is still best to hydrate and drink plenty of water before entering the sauna.

Know how to regulate the heat. Do not go with the hype alone. It is your decision if you want to lower or increase the temperature up to your speed. Make sure to ask questions so no accidents can happen.

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