Sleep Apnea Symptoms

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Sleep apnea is a mild condition that has affected a big percentage of people around the world. The truth is that we let the minor sleep apnea to develop into a major one not because of our ignorance, but because of lack of knowledge. Your child may be growing up, and you observe some unusual behaviors according to your judgment, you may mistake the action and grade him or her in another way.

What are sleep apnea symptoms?

  • Interrupted breathing: You may find it too difficult to breathe effectively, and at one given time you may stop breathing for a short period of time. This may look normal, but you can also confuse it with other respiratory related complications.
  • Sudden awakenings: A normal person is supposed to sleep continuously without any problem. But if you discover you have a partner or a child who often awake from their sleep suddenly, then this may be among the sleep apnea symptoms.
  • Sleep Apnea SymptomsLoud snoring: There are people who persistently and loudly snores without even stopping. It may be okay if it goes for maybe two to three days, but if it’s a prolonged or a daily habit, then immediate step needs to be taken to find a treatment solution.
  • Sleeping during the daytime: There is no problem for one to rest during the day, but the problem comes in when someone just falls asleep anyhow within an appropriate time of the day. This extends beyond the normal sleep. It’s a sign of sleep apnea.
  • Sweating during the night: Most victims of sleep apnea often woke up from their sleep full of sweat all over their body. You may think that they had some vigorous exercise during the night. The reality is that if you discover this sign in any of your family members, then you need to save them.
  • Feeling tired when waking up: Other sleep apnea symptoms that you could observe from the victims are that they will likely to feel very tired when they woke up. Their moth may also be dry or have some sore on their throat. Choking also indicates the presence of sleep apnea.

If you are able to detect these signs in anyone around you, then seeking for medical attention will save their life before it’s too late. How much the condition might look normal, it’s likely to harm you if you do not take appropriate measures.

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