Root Canal Tooth Hurts With Pressure: Why Does This Happen?

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There are some instances where a root canal tooth hurts with pressure. This article will talk about how a root canal procedure works and what to expect after the surgery and during recovery. On a similar topic, if you will be getting a root canal treatment, you can click on the link for more information on the process.

What is a root canal surgery?

A root canal surgery is a procedure done when a tooth has infected pulp inside that is causing extreme pain for the person. The process is done to save the tooth instead of having it extracted. The surgery entails drilling a hole into the tooth and using a specialized tool to remove the infected tooth pulp. After all the tooth pulp has been extracted, the tooth is filled.

After the surgery is finished, one will never be able to suspect that the tooth had undergone a root canal surgery. It will look the same from an outsider’s perspective.

Why is a root canal surgery performed?

The old way of handling infected teeth was to have the tooth extracted. However, in modern dentistry, it is encouraged to save the teeth instead of removing them. Although many patients complain of pain, discomfort and sensitivity when biting after the surgery, preserving the tooth are worth it in the end.

Expectations during recovery

Since the surgery will involve removing the inner part of the tooth, a person can expect to feel some level of pain and discomfort during the recovery period. Most patients report swelling after the surgery, but this will go down after a day with the help of anti-inflammatory drugs and pain killers.root canal tooth hurts with pressure

In other cases, teeth may be sensitive to biting. The sensitivity or pain that is felt may be due to the root of the tooth still being sore from the procedure. This uncomfortable feeling should subside after a few weeks, but if it persists, it is a good idea to visit your dentist. Although a root canal surgery aims to remove the infected tooth pulp, there may be something wrong inside the tooth that is causing the sensitivity to pressure.

What you can do

If you experience tooth sensitivity to biting or any other kind of pain after the root canal surgery is done, keep in mind that those are side-effects that will subside as the tooth heals. However, if it has been weeks since the operation has been completed, and the pain and sensitivity have not yet subsided, it may be time for you to notify your dentist. If the discomfort and sensitivity do not subside even after the use of anti-inflammatory drugs and pain killers, this may also be a sign of infection.

The dentist provides a set of instructions after the surgery. The patient needs to follow these instructions to prevent any infection from occurring and inhibiting the healing of the tooth. Listening to the dentist and letting them when you feel is essential to make sure that the tooth is healing well, especially when the root canal tooth hurts with pressure.


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