Wisdom Tooth Infection

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It’s known that wisdom teeth are supposed to develop when a persons’ age within the range of 17 and 25 years. Typically, it’s believed that someone can only acquire some wisdom when they are between 17 and 25 years. Perhaps, this is a good reason as to why the third group of molars that develops in the lower and upper jaws are referred to as the wisdom teeth. However, people still develop wisdom teeth infection which may be as a result of various factors. If you develop an infection on your tooth, your specialized dentists in EmergencyDentistMelbourneDr can help you with this dental problem.

The main motive behind wisdom tooth infection is that uneven growth of the teeth. When the wisdom teeth expand, there is a probability that they will not grow in a straightforward manner. This perhaps may make them develop in some odd angels which can cause pain to someone. This curved growth is one of the issues that cause the wisdom teeth to press against the second molar or the gums creating the person great irritation.

Wisdom toothAnother cause for these issues with the wisdom tooth is when an individual’s jaw is small. In these instances, the teeth are commonly crowded, and there is not sufficient space for the wisdom teeth to grow. The tooth then gets trapped in the gums and is unable to split through them. A tooth that cannot break through the gums is called an impacted tooth. Sometimes the wisdom tooth may break through the gum, but only to some extent.

Here, a tiny portion of the gum creates a gentle flap behind the wisdom teeth, called an operculum. Food getting trapped in the operculum is inescapable and cleaning the operculum can’t be done using an ordinary toothbrush. Methods to clean it are to employ a syringe to give pressurized water to eliminate any remains that have collected underneath or to wash it with hydrogen peroxide.

In most cases, problems like impacted wisdom teeth, intermittent development, or even when the operculum is formed, it may be very hard for the victim to observe signs and symptoms. But if they experience any symptoms, then they will feel severe ache and gum infection. But in cases where an operculum develops, one will have to feel bad taste.


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