About Integrativemedalliance.org

The Integrative Medical Alliance is an independent group of people in an instititution who are called to explore the nature and needs of complementary and alternative medical practice. We are devoted to helping construct and nurture an integrative model of healthcare and the standard procedure of medical profession.

We at Integrative Medical Alliance are here to promote the vision, mission, and development and practice of integrative medicine. Our vision is to promote the healthcare that embraces diverse healing practices, supports, relationships, and invites people to actively participate in self-care. Our mission is to foster networking dialogue,education and collaboration between conventional and complementary/alternative medicine practitioners and people seeking healthcare, in order to deepen the quality of the human experience of healthcare.

We also explore integrative medicine in contemplating team-oriented healthcare. Similarly, the IMA is structured in teams, with each team led by a coordinator. The teams are oriented around the Organizational Development Team, of which all team coordinators are a member. Within each team there can be a number of project teams, each led by a project coordinator. The Organizational Development Team coordinator doubles as coordinator for the Alliance as a whole. Key decisions as to the organization’s vision, mission, staffing, and broad strategy are determined to keep our devotion in the knowledge of standard medical practice.

We want to help create and nurture an integrative model of healthcare that is collaborative, individual-centered, and sustainable.