World of Medicine: Alternative Medicine vs Conventional Medicine

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As the medical world has developed rapidly in the past 50 years, the human being has found a lot of treatment to cure various diseases. As a result, the world of medicine open and finds a rivalry between conventional and alternative medicine. Before we choose the one which is better for us, it would be better if we understand each system, its benefits, and its disadvantages.

Alternative Medicine vs Conventional Medicine

Conventional medicine is a traditional system used to treat your illness. Prescribing a patient with a dose of drugs is one kind of conventional medicine. This is the system that is used worldwide by healthcare professionals.

Meanwhile, not everyone believes in the conventional as some people do. Some people search for an alternative as they don’t want to experience any chemical or surgery to their body. Alternative medicine is there to treat people in a way as natural as possible. The example of alternative medicine is herbal medicine, acupuncture, massage, and yoga.

 The benefits

Conventional medicine

  • Scientific-based with a lot of tests
  • Licensed healthcare professional to ensure your safety
  • Back up from health insurance (if you take any)

Alternative medicine

  • Using natural resources
  • Personalized treatment with a focus on your body, mind, and soul
  • Increasing awareness of a healthy lifestyle
  • Cheaper than conventional medicineAllternative medicine vs Conventional medicine

The disadvantages

Conventional medicine

  • Expensive
  • Side effect while using a certain drug
  • Using mostly chemical entity

Alternative medicine

  • Not tested and not proven to be safe
  • Unlicensed practitioner
  • Increasing the risk of malpractice

Which one is better?

In the medical world, you may always see the rivalry between alternative medicine and conventional medicine. Mostly, conventional and alternative medicines are both successful in healing and failing its patients. To choose between the two, you need to always look at your condition. For example, if it’s an emergency situation, it would be better to go to the hospital and get a conventional treatment rather than search for an alternative one. Alternative medicine is probably best to be used as prevention rather than healing treatment, as it also promotes awareness of a healthy lifestyle.

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