4 Herbal Remedies For Nausea

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Nausea is one of the most unpleasant feelings you can have whether you are traveling or just staying at home. Almost everyone has experienced feeling nauseous because of so many different reasons. And one of the things we usually search for when struck by this usual health complaint is either to get a pharmaceutical drug as a first-aid medication or try alternative medicine with herbal ingredients. And because we are still in the middle of the pandemic, we are here to give you some tips on how to use herbal remedies for nausea with the usual things you see in your pantry or cupboard.


Nausea: Why Do We Feel It?

why do we feel nauseousEver felt your stomach growling as if feeling heavy, tight, and bloated all at the same time? This stomach upset can lead to dizziness, and later on, vomiting. What can make it worse is dehydration and losing consciousness, making you more prone to serious medical issues. Why do we feel nauseous anyway?

Nausea is a form of abdominal discomfort that makes you feel like you want to vomit. Others think this health issue originated in the head just because it usually gets accompanied by dizziness. The truth is, nausea came from an upset stomach caused by several triggers.


Causes of Nausea

Many would think that if a woman feels nauseous and throws up, it is a sure sign that she is pregnant. Honestly, some pregnant women feel lucky enough not to have nausea as part of their morning sickness. So, if not pregnancy, what causes nausea?


Ever felt uncomfortable after eating or drinking coffee or tea, causing you to feel your chest burning and in pain? This is because the acid in your stomach regurgitates to your throat, letting you feel what we call heartburn. That uneasy feeling can also cause you to experience your stomach queasy, making you feel nauseous.

Viral or bacterial infection

Bacteria and viruses you get from contaminated food can cause food poisoning that triggers having an upset stomach. One of the symptoms of food poisoning is nausea.

Motion sickness

Feeling carsick, seasick, airsick? Your hormones may have triggered this when you encountered erratic movements.

Other causes of nausea include medication intake, diet management, intense pain, ear problems, headache, and many more.


Herbal Remedies For Nausea

Because you do not feel well, we understand that you would rather stay in the comfort of your home than set an appointment to visit your doctor. We have gathered an informative list of natural home remedies that you can try to alleviate your upset stomach, thus relieving the feeling of nausea.


ginger for nauseaOf all the herbal medications that we see online, ginger is definitely one of the most sought-after, tried-and-tested all-around natural remedies. It is no surprise that this wonder herb can also relieve nausea.

Many research experts studied the compounds present in ginger and concluded that most of them resemble the chemicals that nausea drugs have. Whatever the cause of your nausea – whether it is from pregnancy, chemotherapy, surgical operation, or even motion sickness. They even reported that using ginger is as effective as using a pharmaceutical drug, if not even more beneficial, as this herb does not report any side effects.

How to use ginger for nausea:

  • Get pharmaceutically-prepared capsule supplements or candies.
  • Make it into a tea
  • Add it to your food as added seasoning (whether using freshly grated ginger or powdered preparation)


Another staple in the pantry that many use as a natural home remedy for so many health problems is lemon. Its taste, smell, and flavor really work well for any indicated health complaints.

For nausea, experts believe that its aroma reduces the irritability and queasiness of an upset stomach.

How to use lemon for nausea:

  • Rub the peel and let the spritz flow in the air.
  • Diffuse lemon oil, and use as aromatherapy
  • Keep lemon oil in your purse and inhale it every time you feel about motion sickness.


Our ancestors used so many natural remedies to combat different health issues mainly because no drugs were available during their time. By doing so, people all over the world also believe in their efficacy and swear by their power in fighting symptoms like nausea.

Experts found out that using the following pantry staples can reduce abdominal discomforts including nausea and vomiting:

  • Cinnamon
  • Fennel
  • Cumin

You can buy them as fresh herbs or get them as an extract, oil, or powder form. Although these spices get the recommendation of our older family members and even naturopathic doctors, we have to admit that we still need additional scientific studies to have enough academic basis of their effectiveness and safety of use when addressing abdominal issues.


lemon and peppermint for nauseaWho doesn’t love the cooling effects of peppermint? Be it in teas, dental essentials, or spa paraphernalia, the effect of peppermint clearly relaxes the mind and rejuvenates our senses. But did you know that peppermint can also affect your appetite and digestion? This may strengthen the reason why using it to prevent episodes of nausea sounds plausible.

Women who have just given birth and other patients experiencing queasiness due to anxiety or panic attacks gave positive comments about how peppermint aromatherapy tamed their abdominal discomfort and lessened their dizziness and nausea.


Other Home Remedies For Nausea

Here are other options that you can use to perform at-home nausea relief methods.

  • Acupressure/Acupuncture

Chinese traditional medicine has always been a preferred natural remedy to different illnesses and health discomforts. No one needs to feel surprised then that these two basic Chinese procedures make the list as effective home remedies for nausea.

The only reminder we need to give you is to make sure that the person performing your treatment should have full knowledge and expertise about the method. Why? Because many believe that a simple mistake can actually make a significant impact on other parts of the body.

Acupuncture and acupressure use the theory or logic that our body follows a natural flow of energy, with important spots that connect one flow to another. They call these chi points.

The body helps you to become aware of this energy flow disturbance as a form of a health symptom. Your therapist then finds the chi point responsible for that body part and applies pressure (acupressure) or inserts specialized needles (acupuncture) to lessen the symptoms like combating nausea and stomach upset altogether.

The main acupuncture or acupressure point that experts designate for nausea relief is called the Pericardium 6 (Neiguan) or the inner frontier gate point. You can locate this on the inside of your arm, below 2 to 3 fingerbreadths from your wrist.

  • Breathing Exercises

Deep breathing has always provided relief when it comes to health conditions concerning pain, anxiety, panic, and many more. It is no surprise that your doctor may also advise you to take deep, long breaths when feeling nauseous. For one, the action makes you divert your attention from your pain to your breathing. Your muscles also relax as oxygen flows into your blood vessels way better than before. Also, if used together with aromatherapy, the effect of the essential oils you would use can easily permeate the air you breathe in, making you enjoy its effects more effectively.

  • Changing your diet and eating habits

herbal remedies spicesYour food choices and way of eating largely affect the instances that make you feel nauseous, right? As a rule, avoid spicy and fatty foods, as well as those that have strong smells. As much as possible, add protein to your meals, follow portion control, and avoid drinking with meals. Feeling full and overly satiated after meals may cause regurgitation that can lead to acid reflux or hyperacidity, making you feel nauseous.

  • Work out and exercise

Studies show that working out and losing weight https://www.insider.com/home-remedies-for-nausea Moreover, cardio exercises and stretching programs like Yoga and Pilates reportedly help prevent abdominal or core issues.


Why Try Home Remedies For Nausea?

You may think that pharmaceutical drugs get the upper hand when resolving discomforts or symptoms like nausea.  This may be true in some parts, but we cannot just discount the fact that home remedies like what we stated earlier do not work. Below are reasons why more and more people turn to herbal remedies when struck by health problems like an upset stomach.

They are convenient. Most of the home remedies we suggested can be found in every family’s pantry. No need to search for them all over the city.

They are safe. Anyone can try using one or two of the home remedies we mentioned. Because the ingredients do not contain any chemicals and are natural, side effects are very minimal, if not non-existent.

They are economical. Drugstore-bought medications may cost you more compared to using natural home remedies.

They are multi-purpose. Name any symptom or discomfort that you may feel, and there is always a herb, fruit, or plant that can address its relief.


We hope that this article gives you an insight as to how natural home remedies can help alleviate certain body discomforts like nausea.  Compared to over-the-counter drugs and preparations, we learned that herbal remedies for nausea stand efficient and safe to use, making it easier for us to find a solution for our typical health complaints and symptoms.





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