How Much Does Wisdom Tooth Extraction Cost? What To Know?

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Though wisdom teeth removal is one of the most common dental surgeries, getting its actual rate is quite difficult to tell. In fact, you may find that there are various fee rangers when it comes to figuring out how much wisdom tooth extraction costs. The condition of your teeth, the location where you live, and the dentist’s professional fee are some of the factors that can contribute to the cost of the procedure. Even replacing the extracted tooth can get additional fees. Find out your options here and continue reading this article to know the average cost and various ways to pay for your wisdom tooth removal.


About Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom tooth removal is a typical oral surgical procedure that most people will eventually experience in their lives. This third set of molars are the last arrangement of teeth to develop, which can frequently cause pain and oral health issues because of the following reasons:


Partial Eruption

Once you have a partially erupted tooth, it can let the microbes go around the opening of the tooth, which causes pain, swelling, and infection.


Misaligned Eruption

The tissue and the gums between the last set of molars and the approaching wisdom tooth can become squeezed, resulting in pain and swelling.


Angled Eruption

If the wisdom tooth emerges at an angle, the other teeth can cause issues and lead to more extreme dental problems.The woman asks how much does a wisdom tooth extraction cost.

Usually, third molars or wisdom teeth development happens when you are 17 to 24 years old. It is advisable to undergo wisdom teeth removal since eliminating it years later makes the extraction procedure more complex and costly. The root and bone will turn out to be fully formed as you age which complicates the treatment. How these develop and when it is taken out will influence the cost of the extraction. Click here to read extra info.


What You Can Expect From Wisdom Tooth Removal

Your dentist or oral surgeon may apply one of three kinds of sedation, contingent upon the expected complexity of the procedure and your comfort level. Alternatives include:


Local Anesthesia

Your oral surgeon or dentist manages local anesthesia with one or more infusions close to the area of every extraction. Before you get an injection, your dentist will probably apply medication to your gums to numb them. You are conscious during the wisdom tooth removal. Though you will experience some pressure and movement, you should not encounter pain.


Sedation Anesthesia

In this type of anesthesia, your oral surgeon or dentist will offer you sedation anesthesia through an intravenous (IV) line in your arm. Sedation stifles your consciousness during the treatment. You do not feel any agony and will have restricted memory of the procedure. Also, you will get local anesthesia to numb your gums.


General Anesthesia

In some instances, your dentist may give you general anesthesia. You may breathe in medicine through your nose or have an IV line in your arm, or both. After that, you will lose consciousness. Then, the surgical team will intently monitor your medication, temperature, breathing, fluids, and blood pressure. Furthermore, in general anesthesia, you will encounter no torment and have no memory of the treatment. Your dentist will also give you local anesthesia to help with postoperative discomfort.


During wisdom teeth removal, your dentist or oral surgeon:

  • Creates an entry point in the gum tissue to uncover the tooth and bone
  • Eliminates bone that blocks admittance to the tooth root
  • Breaks down the tooth into sections if it is simpler to eliminate in pieces
  • Removes the wisdom tooth
  • Cleans the area of the eliminated wisdom tooth of any remaining particles from the tooth or bone
  • Stitches the injury closed to advance healing, though this is not always essential.
  • Puts bandage over the extraction area to manage to bleed and to promote a blood clot form


Wisdom Teeth Removal Cost

Regardless of whether all four wisdom teeth give no indications of infection, an oral and maxillofacial specialist (OMS) will suggest removing them. If just one wisdom tooth is painful, all four teeth will probably require extraction. Nevertheless, patients consistently have the decision to keep their wisdom teeth.

The average cost of wisdom teeth removal is costly without dental insurance. This is particularly true if you are paying using cash on hand.

The average absolute cost of wisdom teeth extraction without insurance goes from:

  • Simple Extraction: For per tooth, it can rate $75-$200. While for all four, it can cost $300-$1000.
  • Surgical Extraction (Soft tissue Wisdom Tooth Impaction): For per tooth, it can cost $225-$600, while all four can cost $800-$1800.
  • Surgical Removal (Complete Bony Impaction): $250-$500 for every impacted wisdom tooth. On the other hand, all four impacted wisdom teeth can cost $250-$500.

A few oral surgeons give discounts for eliminating all four wisdom teeth at once. You can save $1,000 or more on the procedure.The dentist explains the dental procedure.

Before wisdom tooth removal, your dentist will examine for indications of gum infection and get a dental x-ray or CBCT picture. General sedation and IV sedation are accessible for patients who wish to be calmed for the surgery. These drugs decrease anxiety and make you sleep for the span of the procedure. Dentists regularly give package discounts on these services if you get every one of the four wisdom teeth removed.


How much is your Wisdom Tooth Extraction Cost?

You can generally pay for the treatment out of pocket, yet if you are worried about costs, think about these other options:


Dental Insurance

If it is medically necessary, several insurance plans will cover wisdom tooth removal up to 50 percent or a maximum of $1,000–$1,500. Ensure to check your medical and dental insurance policies to see what they will cover before committing to the surgery.


Packages and Payment Plans 

Numerous oral surgeons provide package deals for getting all four wisdom teeth removed at once. Your surgeon may likewise consider an installment plan, breaking down the procedure’s general cost into smaller chunks over time.


Discount Dental Plans

Additionally, many discount dental plans exist. This permits patients to pay one annual fee and get discounts on dental treatment within an associate of dentists all year long. Speak with your dentist to check if a discount plan is available.

If the cost of wisdom teeth removal is your only concern, talk to your dentist and insurance companies about your choices.



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