What Is Holistic Dentistry

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Holistic dentistry is not only about healthy teeth. It also entails the health of your gums and the body as a whole. Here, the patient is treated in consideration with the mind, spirit, body, and lifestyle. Such dentist pays attention to overall wellbeing beyond the teeth and some apply sedation before dental surgery. Holistic dentists will minimize the need for x-ray and instead use alternative means of treatment. They also do fill teeth cavities using useful and less harmful materials such as resins.

Amalgam Fillings

Holistic DentistryLeading research indicates that mercury fillings pose a severe health risk to users. This is even more severe to those who are sensitive to chemicals. They may cause kidney failure and affect the proper functioning of the brain neurons. This justifies the reason why the holistic dentist is against such kind of fillings. Next time you need to replace your old fillings, go for such dentist who can access alternative materials. The dentist should also help your detoxify mercury.


This type of density is against the absorption of fluoride into the bloodstream. Fluoride is plenty in drinking water and pastes. Fluoride is quite harmful even in small quantities. Fluoride plays minor roles towards your health.

Importance holistic dental care

  • Holistic dental care focuses on natural ways of brushing your teeth.
  • Besides healthy gums, one is also advised to take care of the tongue. In most cases, a health tongue appears smooth, moist and pink. If you notice any sores or coating on your tongue, then something might be wrong. A holistic dentist will guide you on how to keep your tongue health
  • Diet is also considered. Here, you are advised to avoid high intake of sugary products such as soda. Instead, you should go for fresh and natural juice with low sugar concentration. Foods rich in fiber are also healthy for your teeth. Fiber contributes to the high production of saliva which is used in neutralizing harmful acids to your teeth.

Holistic dental care is all about healthy practices for your dental health.

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