Tooth Extraction And Implant

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Tooth extraction is an option for extremely decayed teeth or severely broken ones. The cases in which tooth extraction is necessary are usually dependant on how far the damage has gone, whether or not it has surpassed the need for dental reconstruction in the form of filling, crown or other methods. Visit this dental clinic in Melbourne to find out more about tooth extractions.

How is the tooth extracted?

Firstly, an x-ray of the impending tooth for removal is required to determine the surgical course of action in relation to the best way to perform the extraction.

Following the x-ray, a local anaesthetic is then applied to the area around the locality of the impending surgery to help ensure minimal pain for the patient. The local anaesthetic will act as a numbing agent, dulling the pain receptors in the area of the mouth just enough so as the patient is not in excruciating pain as the tooth is extracted.

When the numbing has occurred due to local anaesthetic, the extraction process begins with the loosening of the tooth. The dentist will work to dislodge the tooth from its socket as much as possible.

Once loosened to the fullest extent, the tooth is then extracted. In most cases this extraction is a painless experience for patience but it is normal to feel some pressure on the tooth as this process occurs.

In the following few days it is normal for there to be a level of pain and inflammation but this is superficial and doesn’t usually last very long.

Tooth implants are made in the form of a titanium screw which acts as a root replacement in the gum, it is then topped with a crown. Titanium contains biocompatible properties which allows for bone fusion. This process allows the replacement tooth to sit securely in the gum and become part of the dental makeup of the person.

Dental implants can be replacements for both full sets of teeth or in the case of singular teeth, depending on the patients’ needs and requirements.

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