Tips On Choosing A Location For Your Private Medical Practice

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When choosing the location to establish your medical practice clinic, you need to consider factors such as competition, the clinic’s convenience, and accessibility, aesthetics, parking availability, will you rent it or buy it, cost, visibility, and the neighborhood demographics. It is important to research those factors and to play ahead before you dive into practice. Every type of doctor out there should consider certain factors. Let the following factors be your guide in choosing the best location for your private practice.


medical practice receptionFor you to gain patients, you must consider that there are competitions around. Research how many clinics with the same medical practice as yours to allow feasibility. To obtain a position, you must know first if your clinic will draw patients. The trick is to analyze the population-to-professional ratio in your desired area.

Consider picking the location with less competition, and you will be visible for sure. Which takes us to:


It would be best if you considered the profile of the clinic. Is it known on social media? Are there people that pass by? Make sure it’s easy enough for people to locate you. It would be best if you also studied the neighborhood.


When you’ve decided on the location, you might want to study the area’s demographics. Are there schools and universities around, businesses that are near your clinic, government organizations?

Your practice may only make sense not just because you’re a good doctor, but also finding out if there is anybody nearby. What’s your target? Men, women, employees, students, and what are their income levels?

Analyze the area’s demographics, and you will never run out of patients for sure.


If you’re in an area with people with low-income, you should consider adjusting your rate. But if you don’t want to, it’s necessary to find a location where the cost of your check-ups and follow-ups have the best prices for people who can’t afford it.

Renting vs. Owning

Whether you just rent or buy to own your medical office, there will be pros and cons. If you find yourself confused, ask yourself these questions:

  • Will you stay there for good? Or are you planning to move places?
  • Do you want to buy it to have it rented by another practitioner?

Make sure you are decisive in saving money and moving around.

Convenience and Accessibility

Make sure your medical office is accessible and convenient for patients. If the clinic is 20 minutes away from the patient, inevitably, they’ll visit you once they are sick.

Another essential thing to look for is whether the area is near residential establishments or space where people come often.

Which brings us to:

Parking Availability

Who doesn’t love free parking? It’s also necessary that the parking area is extensive. If your location doesn’t allow parking, it’s sure to displease patients, most notably ones that are in a wheelchair. Not all of your patients are commuting, so it’s best if they can park their cars comfortably.


medical practice room

It’s also essential to leave your patients a good impression. You are your medical office. Make sure it’s clean and looks healthy. People can’t help but equate how your clinic looks to you. Is it well lit? Are the walls and floors easy to clean? If it’s a building, does it have elevators and guards?

Make sure you have a striking interior and exterior.

Make sure the clinic is presentable because that’s also how you make your patients feel comfortable.

The Bottom Line

Take your time researching the best options for you. Just don’t forget the factors that you must consider when looking for a place to start your career as a doctor.

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