Sensitive Teeth Treatment

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What causes tooth sensitivity?

woman having sensitive teethMajorly, tooth sensitivity is caused by the exposure of dentin which is the part of your teeth that covers the nerve; it can be as a result of loss of the enamel or even recession of the gum. Often, dentin has multiple pores/tubes that operate from the outside of your tooth up-to the nerve that is in the center. In occasion where the dentin are exposed, the tubes which runs in your teeth get stimulated by change in either weather or acidity of certain food eaten that then cause sharp pains which normally reduces after a while.

Before starting your treatment for sensitive teeth, it’s recommended that you visit a dental professional who will examine you to determine the true source of your tooth-sensitivity. They will check on those signs of dentin exposure as well as run necessary test so as to determine the source of your tooth-sensitivity.

Major causes of tooth sensitivity

Cavity/gum diseases

Broken tooth

Improper brushing

Loss of enamel due erosion/abrasion

Tooth decay/cavities in the teeth

Orthodontic treatment/a shifting tooth

Recent dental activities such as fillings, crowns or veneers

Exposure of roots due to receded gums

Nerve damage

Grinding/clenching of teeth

Periodontal disease

Treatment of Sensitive teeth

Here are the main 5 techniques used in treating sensitive teeth.

1. Fluoride application

You can use fluoride as a way of treating your sensitive tooth. Fluoride is applied on your teeth’s sensitive areas to reduce pains as well as discomforts brought about by the aching teeth. This will in turn strengthen your enamel and dentin. Its one quick method of reliving pains caused by sensitive teeth. Dentist often apply fluoride gels in patients mouths for 5 minutes to relieve patients from pain before starting
the normal routine check.

2. Surgical gum-graft

If your tooth-root has continuously lost gum tissue then a minimal amount of your gum-tissue can be removes from elsewhere in the mouth which will be then attached the affected-areas. This is done to protect exposed roots as well as reduce teeth sensitivity.

3. Covering Root Surfaces/bonding/desentizing

Receded gums are caused by continuous case of gum disease or age which causes tooth sensitivity due to root exposure. You can use bonding agents to treat such cases.
Exposed root surface are often treated by applying bonding-resin to those sensitive root surfaces. In addition, dentist use a certain sealant to cover the affected area causing pain. By sealing the surfaces, they help block exposure that is causing the tooth sensitivity.

4. Making a mouth-guard

For those who are suffering from sensitive teed due to bruxism especially for those who like grinding their teeth while asleep, dentist can make your tooth’s models to enable you use them as a mouth guard which you can where while you sleep. These mouth guards will help protect your teeth from pressure as well as damages caused by grinding. In addition, it’s highly effective in reducing pains brought about by sensitive teeth and in treating pains in the jaw-points.

5. Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment is the most used method for treating sensitive teeth that are causing severe pains and if other treatment options tend to be ineffective. it’s the most successful method/technique used for eliminating tooth-sensitivity. This technique is used to treat sensitive teeth/ problems in the soft core of the teeth; it involves removing soft/dental pulp that is inside the tooth.


Sensitive teeth re mostly caused by worn tooth enamel and exposed tooth roots though there are other factors to considers such as cracked tooth, gum disease, a cavity and a worn filling that might cause tooth discomfort. However, there are various sensitive teeth treatment than can be applied to treat tooth sensitivity; first visit a dentist to do a test on your teeth and recommend the best technique for treating your teeth sensitivity, don’t opt for the over-the-counter treatment before consulting adentist. its quite risky and can damage your teeth even more.

To prevent recurring sensitive teeth, it’s advisable to brush twice on a daily basis using a soft-bristled tooth brush as well as fluoride toothpaste on a daily basis and use gentle stroke instead of vigorous scrubbing. You can also seek advice to professionals in dentures Melbourne clinic. Avoid taking acidic drinks and foods such as citrus and carbonated drinks and if taken drink some water in-order to balance the acidity in your mouth.

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