Roles in the Dental Team

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A dental team is composed of five members where each of its members have different works or roles to give the people good oral health and make sure to prevent some oral diseases in the future. To give you an idea of how an actual dental team works, you can read about the team at Meanwhile, here are the five dental team members and their roles.

Dentist – the one who’s responsible for diagnosing oral diseases and the treatment plan. The one who performed surgical procedures on the teeth, bone and soft tissues of the oral cavity and promoting oral health and disease prevention. Managing to all of his staff to provide a good services and care to their patients.

Dental Hygienist – they are responsible for removing tartar, stains, and plague on the teeth and to educate about oral hygiene techniques such as how to brush the teeth properly for the patient. They are also responsible for applying sealants and fluorides to help protect the teeth.

Dental Nurse – the one who assists the dentist and maintaining the dental operating equipments ready during the surgery. Taking notes when the dentist examining the patient and responsible for the records of the patient. They are also responsible for the decontamination of the dental equipments. Keeping the patient calm when they are nervous before going to surgery. dental team

Dental Therapist – responsible for educating children, parents, school, and community about the dental diseases, how to prevent it, and how to maintain good oral health. They also performed examination, prescribing and exposing intra and extra oral dental xrays. Recommending healthy food choices to the parents and children so that they can maintain the good oral hygiene.

Dental Technologist – responsible for the crown and bridge works, a fixed solution for the damaged or missing teeth. This procedure uses prosthetic devices to make your smile returned to its natural state. The one who makes braces to correct tooth position and alignment.

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