Open Rhinoplasty: For Your Nose Perfection

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Rhinoplasty involves the cosmetic transformation of the external parts of the nose. Regardless of whether it is to reduce the hump, or shorten and elevate the tip of the nose, changing the shape of the nose can cause a dramatic change in the appearance of the face. Due to the complex anatomy of the nose and its very visible position on the face, the patient always hopes for the best result.
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-In open rhinoplasty, a cautious incision is made in the spine (the fleshy column that separates the nostril). Then the skin of the nose is gently lifted to expose the cartilage and tissue beneath. The procedure leaves a small scar, although most patients will disappear until it is barely visible. Additional work may be required in the supporting structure of the nasal cartilage, due to the injury caused by the nose in the open nasal artery, and there is usually more edema than in the closed technique.

-Open nose surgery allows the doctor to better access to different areas of the nose, as well as the ability to make adjustments that would not be possible during a closed procedure. The closed technique is extremely limited.

open rhinplasty for nose perfection

-Only some changes can be made and, often, they are largely internal and related to breathing difficulties, they are not cosmetic. With the technique open, not only can solve the respiratory problems, but also change the tip and place it in a more pleasant position, and the nasal bridge can be changed.

-Rhinoplasty is one of the most technically demanding cosmetic operations, and its outcome depends largely on the skills of the surgeon. The aesthetics of the nose is extremely difficult to control, why do you play and choose a closed technique? The open method may allow the surgeon to have more balanced changes in the nose around.

-If you are still convinced that you want to close, it is best to consult a plastic surgeon with many years of experience in this method. Some may even suggest choosing the Open option instead of getting the results you want.

-It is better to look around and get some different opinions from the surgeons. If it turns out that everyone is suggesting an open technique, you may have to adjust your expectations

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