Non surgical nose job: How long does it last?

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You may have pegged several actors and actresses facial features and wished that someday you can have pouty lips, fairer complexion, or well-proportioned angular nose like theirs. Yet, when thinking about how to achieve them, you back out because, a. you do not have the means to undergo such costly procedure, and b. you are scared to go under the knife. Well, we have a solution for you: Nonsurgical nose job! This procedure is also known as non-surgical rhinoplasty. But one may start their skepticism by asking, ‘non surgical nose job: how long does it last?’

Common questions about nonsurgical nose job

How does it work?

With surgical rhinoplasty, the effect is both functional or corrective and cosmetic. One may have difficulty in breathing and needs Septoplasty or the correction of a part of the nose responsible for the passageway of air, and in effect, makes your nose look straighter and more angular. With nonsurgical nose job, however, the reason for undergoing it is plain aesthetic. A cosmetic surgeon injects a filler on the nose to remove the bumps you have on your nose or give more character and shape to your nose.

non surgical nose job how long does it lastWhat do they use?

Nonsurgical rhinoplasty is also called liquid nose job, pertaining to the material they use to improve the shape and profile of your nose. Most cosmetic surgery clinics use hyaluronic acid filler or Botox, whichever was decided upon by the doctor and the patient.

How does it last?

Because the procedure is superficial, non-invasive, and does not manipulate or add implants to the nose, the effect is temporary. This is an advantage rather than a downside of the procedure. Why? Because if you are not satisfied with how you look, your doctor can just inject a liquid that dissolves the filler, bringing your nose back to its normal size and shape. On the other hand, if you really want to undergo rhinoplasty and you are just unsure if it would suit your profile, you can try getting liquid rhinoplasty first, and if you are satisfied, then after the effects wear out, you can schedule your coveted nose surgery.

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