IVF Medication: Maximize The Chances of Conceiving A Child

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For infertile couples, there is an alternative for you, IVF medication. In this process, the egg is fertilized outside the body or in a laboratory. An artificial environment is first developed to fertilize the egg. The embryo or the fertilized egg is then placed back inside the womb. Fertility options at Melbourne-IVF are available for infertile couples who dream to build their own family.

In this process, special medication is given to a female partner to create stimulation at the ovaries. The ovary becomes capable of producing more eggs after this medication. For the IVF process, healthy eggs are selected. The eggs are collected after they ripen. Healthy sperms are collected from a male partner. Both eggs and sperm are taken together for fertilization. After fertilization, the embryos grow in the laboratory from 2 to 5 days. The 5th-day embryo is called Blastocyst stage. Blastocyst stage embryo is more likely to consider for this medication since it would have become more viable and also increases the chances of a successful pregnancy.

IVF MedicationCases of twins usually occur in IVF pregnancies but due to 5th days embryo transfer, the chances of presence of abnormal chromosome pairs in embryo decreases and hence there is no need to transfer more than one embryo. You can choose the best quality embryo that increases the chances of successful pregnancy with one child and decrease the chances of having more than one pregnancy.

For those unable to produce healthy sperms and eggs, they can seek the help of donors. You can get information about it from infertility clinics. If you are not able to have a child in your womb, it is possible to hire a surrogate of your choice. He will carry your child in her own womb but after birth, the baby will be your, and you have to pay some fee for this service. If the quality of sperm is low, then sperm donors are also available. Infertile couples should try this.

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