Invisalign Teen Is Great For Young Patients

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teen-in-the-dentisInvisalign teen is a method for straightening teeth that is cosmetically enhanced without the use of metal wires and brackets. It doesn’t involve similar restrictions that metal braces have; it’s nearly invisible. Invisalign teeth use a series of clear, custom built aligners built for your teen’s teeth. The teen wears merely them over their teeth and changes them after two weeks for a new set of aligners. Gradually, your teen’s teeth shift into place achieving that confident smile. Invisalign teen will fit to you teenager lifestyle because aligners are:

• Clear
• Removable
• Super comfortable
• Custom-made for your teeth

Invisalign teeth when worn to recommendations by experienced Invisalign-trained orthodontist it will work as traditional bracelets. It will be sufficient for typical teeth-straightening issues. invisalign teen heals problems associated with teen teeths including underbite, overbite, gaps, and overcrowding between teeth. Also,teen aligners are removable. Thus you can eat anything you want without worries of breaking bracelets. They are Comfortable and durable, fit into the everyday teen lifestyle. Whether swimming, playing football and all extracurricular activities. Also, Invisalign aligner enables you to brush, floss, and take care of teeth easily.

Invisalign teen and Invisalign for adults are similar with minor exceptional differences such as:

1. Colored Compliance Tabs – Invisalign Teen features a blue dot indicator on each aligner, which will fade away after two weeks of wear. This technology helps us determine if movements are complete and ready for the next stage. It also reminds the patient to wear the aligner as often as recommended, as their doctors can tell if the duration of has been inadequate. Invisalign Teen is proven most effective when it is worn for 20-22 hours a day, and routinely, the trays are changed every two weeks.

2. Replacement Aligners – Invisalign Teen, comes with six complimentary replacement aligners, just in case the patient misplaces the original set.

3. Eruption Tabs – Many teens still have permanent teeth emerging from beneath the gum line. This is why there is additional space left in the aligners to make room for any adult teeth which need to erupt, making Invisalign a treatment option for teens. There also other services that most clinic provide to their patients like dental veneers. To achieve the smile you are dreaming of make sure to find dental veneers Melbourne clinic to take care of your teeth whether if you are up to Invisalign or dental veneer service.

The average treatment time and price for Invisalign Teen is similar to what it would be for Damon braces however it is patient-specific based on the complexity of treatment. Convenience is also one of the main reasons why more people than ever, both teens and adults, are opting for clear aligners to achieve their dream smile.

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