Invisalign Attachments

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The Invisalign alignment technology is a clear way to straighten your teeth without using metal fittings. Note the Invisalign attachments are relatively small colored dots made on the teeth for dental bonding with the aligners. They are located at certain points on the teeth to provide an extra anchor for alignment objects. This attachment creates the required grip that helps the aligners to apply to equalized performance on the teeth being aligned.

The Invisalign attachments are specifically meant to fix teeth alignment problems. Each of the Invisalign attachments equalizers is fixed after accurate calculations to help move the tooth to the right place. These attachments will be reinstalled in about two weeks and it is recommended to only removed them when you eating or brushing your teeth. Balancing these attachments will be done especially during the treatment.

Hopefully, every week you notice an improvement in your teeth malocclusion because the teeth will move to a different location so as to align with the position of Invisalign. In addition, you will need to check your treatment regularly with your dentist. In research and studies with those who have gone through this orthodontic system, a new set of attachments will be set on average between six and nine months. invisalign attachments

Since each Invisalign has a unique position, the pressure on some teeth is generated each and every moment a different attachment is installed. These Invisalign attachment hold tightly to the tooth hence the deflection of the aligners does not change the position, unlike the plastic which can stretch and wants to return to its initial condition, thus pushing the teeth to the desired position.

When new Invisalign attachments placed in your tooth will make you will feel pressure in some areas of your mouth but after a while, the pressure will disappear. Note that this attachment should stay for a minimum of three weeks before removing them so that the tooth bone can readjust to the desired position.

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