Everything you need to know about Integrative Dentistry

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There have been many innovations made in modern medicine and dentistry. Doctors have been finding different and better ways to deal with old diseases. This is where integrative dentistry comes in. It is a new and innovates way to look at dentistry. The team of Digital Dental Surgery Sydney would also share their ideas and outlook on integrative dentistry. 


What is integrative dentistry?

This type of dentistry would focus on the human body system as a whole. It would be a new approach to dentistry that would consider the other aspects of health instead of just focusing on the mouth and oral health alone. This is why it is also known as biological dentistry or holistic dentistry.


The idea of the mouth is a mirror to the overall health of a person is not a new idea. This is the cornerstone of the principles of integrative dentistry. This type of dentistry would be performed with the thinking that any oral health issues would be the cause of other more serious diseases that are outside of the mouth.


Preventive maintenance

The main goal of integrative dentistry is to prevent any health issues from getting worse. It would be more difficult to treat diseases that were not detected early enough. Integrative dentists would focus on the treatment of the body as a whole.


Reasons to visit an integrative dentist


Treatment of the body as a whole. These specialized dentists would try to find treatment options that would be beneficial for the whole body. They would focus on ways that are preventive instead of concentrating on treatment options that would treat an existing disease. 


Safe treatment. Integrative dentists would acknowledge that whatever goes into your mouth would affect the rest of your body. This is why they would be very careful about the materials they use in the treatment.


They would educate about overall health. They would seek to give patients good health advice about how to take health as a whole concept. Integrative dentists would teach patients about how they can prevent a health issue from developing just by incorporating healthy habits into their lifestyle.

integrative dentistry


Bio-compatibility testing. These dentists know that many patients can be allergic to some of the materials used in fillings and other dental treatments. This is why they would conduct compatibility testing, to make sure that you do not develop another problem in your body after your initial oral problem would be solved.


They would encourage minimally invasive procedures


Integrative dentistry would be a good option for you to consider if you have good oral health and would be looking to integrate a preventive type of treatment into your dental habits. If you practice good oral health habits, like brushing and flossing at least 2 hours a day, and you would be wanting to make sure that you would be free from any oral problems as well as target other preventive methods to keep your body healthy as a whole, visiting a practice that would offer integrative dentistry would be a good idea.

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