A healthy mouth and body: The benefits of integrated dental work

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Integrated dental work can go by many names. It is sometimes referred to as holistic dentistry, biological dentistry or integrative dentistry. If you are looking to have integrated dental marketing, check out this link on how to boost your online presence and promote your dentistry services.

What is integrative dentistry?

Integrated dental work would be slightly different from regular dental work because the procedures that are done would all be geared toward the overall health of the patient, instead of only focusing on oral health alone. 

There have been studies that have supported that oral issues that are left untreated could result in the deterioration of overall health. This specialized branch of dentistry would concentrate on treating oral issues so that they would not develop into deeper and more serious diseases that can affect the health of the other organs.

Benefits of integrative dentistry

Minimally invasive. The treatment methods that would be used in this type of dentistry would be minimally invasive. Dentists who offer integrated dental work believe in the connection between the body and mouth. This is why they try to use minimally-invasive treatment methods as much as possible, to be able to safeguard the overall health of the patient.

All-natural products. Integrated dental work would focus on the use of natural products in their integrated dentaltreatment. They would use products that are least likely to harm the patient’s health. They would recommend the use of porcelain fillings and lower dosages of x rays, to make sure that the patients have the least amount of radiation exposure as possible.

Mercury-free treatment. Dentists who practice this branch of dentistry would use mercury-free fillings in the tooth treatments that they administer because they would be looking after the adverse-effects mercury can cause to the body.

How integrated dental work can help you

Integrated dental procedures can be beneficial to patients because the dentists would not only be concerned about oral health alone but how oral health can affect the entire body. This branch of dentistry would have the idea of focusing on preventive methods that can benefit overall health rather than treating any issues after they have developed already. They believe that successful dentistry would benefit the person as a whole, so that optimal health and healing would take place, instead of only concentrating on having good oral health.

If you are interested in having integrated dental work done, you can look online to find an integrated dentist in your area. Your children would benefit from this type of dentistry as well. They would receive less radiation from x rays and would also have better health because of the natural materials and procedures used.

Preventive measures

At the end of the day, no matter what type of dentist you choose to visit, maintaining good oral health habits would be crucial to having good oral health. Brushing and flossing at least twice a day or after meals would be a good way to fight off bad bacteria that grows on your teeth. Having regular visits to your dentist would also ensure that your oral health is always at its best, this would benefit your overall health, too.

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