How To Use A Rowing Machine: 5 Easy Steps For Beginners

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There is much enthusiasm for a person that will shed weight and burn fat for the first time. Using gym equipment may only look easy at first. But, consider this, you are carrying a heavy fitness tool that can sprain your arms or damage your muscles with improper use. Hence, there are various guidelines online to prevent you from experiencing this health concern. You can get more information about a rowing machine through this website On the other hand, if you already own a rowing machine at home or about to try one at your local gym, we are happy to give you five easy steps to perfect your fitness routine. 


What Is A Rowing Machine Used For?

Building abdominal muscles, also called abs, needs months of training. It doesn’t mean you have to struggle to use gym equipment to achieve a toned body shape. Gym experts say that it is easy to know how to use a rowing machine if they are aware of its benefits. You can practice an indoor rowing workout with home gym equipment

A rowing machine supports aerobic exercises as it helps burn fat and calories with the pumping action. Using a rowing machine is a total workout that targets major muscle groups like the glute, pecs, arms, obliques, quadriceps, and calves. The benefit of rowing machines is also low impact and has fewer chances of muscle pain in the future. 


5 Easy Steps On How To Use A Rowing Machine

Preparation on how to use a rowing machine will prevent accidents or injuries. Here are five steps to guide new users of a rowing machine gym equipment. 

First, sit down comfortably on the seat, making sure that your knees bend on the adjacent side where the footplate is placed. Next, strap your feet tight with the pads to secure it in place. Grab the handle firmly but don’t overdo your grip. 

How To Use Rowing Machine


Second, pull the rowing machine handle as you slide back to the end of the machine. Maintain your legs straight but have your knees bend slightly so they won’t lock. Pull your hands to your chest while your elbows are against your side. This position is the starting and ending place for every repetition.


Third (Catch), continue to move your arms, followed by your chest. Always remind yourself to revert to a straight back and not slumped. Your arms will continue to extend out until your upper body will move from an angled back to forward. Slide your body until you are on the top of the machine where your arms are extended, and legs are bent. This rowing machine position is also called the catch. 


Fourth (Drive), When finishing your rowing machine position, push your feet off from the feet platform. The position will still extend your arms and lean it forward, but your legs are straightened. This method is called the drive, where it mimics rowing and should be at least 60 percent leg movement only. 


Fifth (Last Step), the last step must work your body towards the first position as you started. To do this, pull the handle while bending your arms as it touches the front of your chest. Then, pull the cable repetitively but slowly to prevent hand blisters or back pain. This low resistance will gradually build up your exercise and workout routine. Remember not to force the pulling part and ask for further assistance from a gym trainer if you’re having difficulties. 


Workouts That Don’t Require A Rower Machine 

Machines are generally good for a short impact technique that improves your cardio and prevents loose and weak muscles. 

Among the following fitness routines benefit both cardio and the strength of a person. Devices, tools, or machines are not usually a requirement for exercising techniques. If completed correctly, the results strengthen a person’s core while maintaining a stable heart rate.  

How To Use Rowing Machine Aerobic Exercise

  • Running or Jogging
  • Lunges
  • Squats
  • Mountain Climbers
  • Push-ups and Sit-ups
  • Planking
  • Dips
  • Burpees
  • Crunches


Reminders When Using A Gym Equipment

Men and women love going to the gym to train their muscles for flexibility, endurance, and strength. But, there are certain factors to consider when exercising. An effective workout takes at least 150 minutes per week. If you’re planning to use gym equipment, make sure that you already have a professional’s consultation on how to use a rowing machine, treadmill, or stationary bike. The recommended minutes for exercising with a rowing machine is 30 minutes a day during moderate-intensity workouts. This calorie burner may shed 280 calories for women. 

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