General dentistry and orthodontics services

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Our teeth are a vital part of our health, yet most of us neglect our teeth and do not give them the care they deserve. Modern diets high in sugar and low in fiber have caused an epidemic of gum disease and tooth decay which can often lead to more serious health issues if untreated. Fortunately, there are professionals such as dentists who specialize in general dentistry and digital orthodontics who can help us maintain the health of our teeth and mouth in general. These are general dentists and orthodontists.

General dentistry focuses on general oral health. General dentists can perform a vast array of services, including teeth cleaning, filling cavities, teeth whitening, putting in crowns, and treating gum disease. It is extremely important that you regularly visit your general dentist, usually a few times per year, for a tooth check-up and cleaning. These services can help you maintain oral health and catch potential problems before they become bigger, costlier, and more painful.

Orthodontists are dentists trained in both general dentistry and in orthodontics, which specializes in the realignment of teeth and the correction of oral problems stemming from an under- or overbite, poor tooth alignment, or crowing of teeth. Orthodontists are well-known for realigning teeth with braces, but also perform a wide variety of other services including the correction of over- and underbite, spaces in the teeth, tooth crowding, and temporomandibular disorders of the jaw. Correction of these issues can help a patient maintain a cleaner, healthier mouth.

general dentistry and orthodonticsGeneral dentistry and orthodontics services are vital parts of our healthcare system. Patients can access these services via their dental insurance, paying privately, or attending community dental clinics which often have a reduced cost. The health of your teeth is intrinsically linked to the health of the rest of your body. Tooth decay has been linked to heart disease and poor tooth alignment to sleep apnea; the more research is done, the more important oral health becomes. This makes general dentistry and orthodontics services more important than ever and makes seeing your dentist one of the most important steps you can take to protect your health.

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