Everything you need to know about temporary dentures

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Are you feeling embarrassed to go in public after your tooth or teeth have been removed due to the left gap? Well, your confidence can be restored by the use of temporary dentures. What’s a denture in the first place? This is a removable replacement for a missing tooth or teeth and the surrounding tissues. There are two types of dentures, that is, complete and partial. Complete is used when you have all your teeth missing while partial is when few/some are missing. Temporary dentures are like false teeth which are fitted right after a tooth has been removed. They’re also called immediate dentures. If you’re interested in either of them, you can try out the dentures Epping dental as they’re proven to be of high quality.

They are an option that has helped many to carry on with their daily or normal mouth functions as they wait for the permanent dentures to be ready. Usually, doctors recommend the use of temporary dentures to help in easing the mouth into wearing the conventional ones. Also, they may be recommended in you’ve had previous tooth sensitivity or gum issues.

Temporary partial dentures temporary dentures

These are dentures that are fixed after a tooth have been removed due to tooth decay or gum disease. They are prepared using the same procedure as the permanent dentures only that they’re prepared in advance before the tooth is pulled out.

Advantages of temporary dentures

  • You never have to appear in public toothless
  • Can be duplicated to take the size, form, and arrangement of your remaining natural teeth
  • They act as bandage thus reducing further bleeding after the tooth has been removed
  • They help in protecting the tissues of a sensitive site from irritation that may be caused by food and tongue movement.
  • Helps in establishing speech patterns at an early stage thus you wouldn’t have to struggle after the permanent dentures are made.
  • You’re able to eat well than you would without the teeth or tooth
  • Prevents your cheeks from falling in.
  • You can eat anything as you would with natural teeth.

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