Is Elliptical Cross-Trainer Effective In Keeping The Body In Shape?

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If you are planning to start your fitness journey, you might want to consider using fitness equipment known as an elliptical cross-trainer. It is a machine specifically designed to help the person perform exercises that imitate walking, stair climbing, and running while preventing injuries to the joints. There are several types of elliptical cross trainers and you can buy them at


Use of Elliptical Cross Trainer

This halted exercise machine is good for people with injuries who wish to stay fit and physically active by doing body workout. Elliptical trainers provide cardiovascular body workout that has less impact on the joints. The user can set the intensity of the training depending on his preference. Some types of elliptical trainers can be controlled according to the motion and speed of the user, while others are electric and can be plugged giving the user more options to choose from.

Using elliptical machines has a lot of benefits, exercise bikes for example are good for burning body fat, strengthens leg muscles, and helps in weight loss.


Different Kinds of Elliptical Machines

  • gym workoutStandard elliptical trainers. This mid-level fitness equipment often comes with big sized non-slip pedals and offer 18 inches of stride length. It is mostly considered to be an ideal trainer for all users, even beginners. Advanced standard trainers are usually compatible with apple and android devices and come with several body workout programs built into the machine. Certain products also offer heart rate monitoring systems.
  • Elliptical cross-trainers.  A machine that offers a full-body workout is called an elliptical cross-trainer. This type includes movement of the arms, hips, legs, and lower body. Using this machine includes pushing and pulling at the same time while incorporating motion to the whole body, elliptical cross trainers target the elbow, shoulder, chest, and back as you pedal.
  • Elliptical glider.  Unlike standard trainers, glider exercise machines keep the leg straight as the user moves back and forth forming an arc. It creates an up and down movement in a backward motion. From the word itself, you will basically glide throughout your routine.
  • Center drive machines.  This machine offers a different kind of technology that makes it stand out among ordinary elliptical machines. The center drive technology helps in improving the user’s posture while providing comfort making the body workout feel more natural. It basically adjusts to the user’s movement making it safer to use than the others.
  • Front-drive ellipticals.  This is also known as shuffle trainers. It is considerably cheaper and more compact. It gives out a stepping motion while the user is slightly leaned towards the front part of the machine. Some machines under this category offer minimal adjustment options while others offer a secured incline ramp.
  • Rear-drive elliptical machine. The oldest type of elliptical machine is known as the rear-drive elliptical trainer. It is also one of the most expensive kind because it offers incline ramps that are easy to adjust. Rear-drive ellipticals create a circular smooth motion that imitates walking and running.
  • Recumbent elliptical. The recumbent elliptical lets its user sit while doing a body workout. This has a minimal difference with the exercise bike, as it has a longer and smaller impact on joints. But just like exercise bikes, this machine has hand handles as well. A very important tool so the user can move back and forth. It is recommended for people who have restricted movements since it offers comfortability.


Use of Exercise Bike

exercise bike

An exercise bike is a machine that is effective in burning fats and losing calories. This cardio workout will help in strengthening organs like the lungs, heart, as well as muscles. Like other elliptical trainers, an exercise bike does not put too much stress on the joints. It provides outstanding aerobic exercise jeopardizing the body workout.


Advantages of Elliptical Cross-Trainer

The benefits of elliptical cross trainers will probably surprise you. People think that these machines are good only for cardiovascular exercises, however, this machine offers more than that. Here are a few advantages of elliptical machines;

  1. Improves stamina and the capability to do cardio. A balanced exercise is always composed of complete workout routines including cardio. When you use an elliptical machine for your cardio workout, your lungs, heart, and muscles get stronger and eventually builds up your endurance and stamina. An exercise bike for example can help you perform a much-needed medium to high-intensity cardio.
  2. Helps in burning calories. Burning calories can be a frustrating journey most especially if don’t see any visible changes in your body. An elliptical cross-trainer can help you burn 300 to 400 calories in just half an hour. If you wish to burn more calories quickly, consider increasing the intensity of your machine.
  3. Reduced stress on the joints. Actual running puts a lot of pressure on the joints making it cardio that is susceptible to injuries. It targets the joints in the knee, hips, and ankles. Elliptical machines are invented to lessen the stress on the joints without removing the benefits of cardio.
  4. Full body workout. Elliptical trainers such as elliptical glider and exercise bike can provide movements not only on the lower part but also on the upper part of the body. To fully maximize your workout, put pressure on your arms as you move your legs, and use your weight and resistance uniformly.
  5. It burns body fat. If you are trying to lose weight, an elliptical trainer is one of the best fitness equipment that you can use. Incorporating this machine into your aerobic exercises will help you lose weight quickly.
  6. It tones up muscles. A toned up leg is one of the greatest assets of a fitness enthusiast. Since you will be using pedals, your legs will appear firmer and stronger. Cross trainers focus on strengthening the muscles from the lower part of the body. It helps in improving glutes, quads, calves, and hamstrings.
  7. Enhances the balance of the body. One of the main targets of elliptical cross trainers is to strengthen the bones of its user, resulting in a more sturdy balance.
  8. A good alternative for people with injury. People with injuries often end up having restricted cardio exercise, hence, leaving some of them with no choice but to stop performing physical activities. An elliptical trainer is a good alternative as it has a low impact on the joints and is generally safe for injured people.cross trainers in gym
  9. It comes in different designs. Being injured because of a bicycle accident will probably leave you hopeless and indisposed. An exercise bike will help in making you feel the motion of biking without hurting your joints and keeping you safe at the same time.
  10. Easy to use. Using elliptical bikes is easy to learn. You can definitely get the hang of it in a few minutes. There are several videos on the internet that shows the proper use of these machines, as well as the proper posture and the benefits you can get in using it regularly.



Despite having plenty of advantages, elliptical trainers have their own drawbacks. Since the machine is a low impact fitness equipment, gaining leg strength can be difficult to achieve. Improvements in bone density are also lesser compared to workouts that include weight lifting.

Our overall health depends on a lot of factors. Strong physical and mental health can be achieved through regular exercise and a proper diet. Several types of fitness equipment offer a variety of benefits that can strengthen the muscles, bones, heart, and lungs. You can start your fitness journey with low-impact machines like elliptical cross trainers and eventually move to a more extreme and superb workout routine.

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