Does Insurance Cover IVF?

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Your employer’s health insurance does not cover IVF. You are looking for an individual cover to pay for your in vitro fertilization treatments. If you are looking for an elusive answer for the average consumer, employer, and insurance company, consider: Is there an insurance company that covers my infertility treatment? Does insurance cover IVF? Did not you think you could take out individual insurance covering part of your infertility and/or IVF costs? Follow the money, and you will understand why you cannot find coverage, why there are so many dead ends and what opportunities really exist.

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Why does the collective health insurance rarely cover in IVF?

Most group health insurance policies rarely cover IVF treatment unless the state requires it. The reason is simple: Most employees do not need infertility treatment but want to pay the lowest insurance premiums. Health costs are skyrocketing, and many companies and their employees can hardly afford premiums for plans without infertility coverage. If the option is given, the majority will choose a plan without IVF coverage.

Does insurance cover IVFThis decision is made unless your state requires that individuals take out health insurance with infertility and/or IVF insurance. In other words, you get affordable coverage when your state forces your colleagues to pay the cost of their IVF treatments. This is the case in fifteen states. However, these laws also contain gaps that many employers choose because they want to keep costs down.

Why do individual health plans rarely cover IVF?

People plans rarely affect infertility and in vitro fertilization as they are subject to the same market forces mentioned above. Most people do not need protection against infertility but look for the cheapest price. The only people who can buy an individual plan with fertility coverage are the couples who need it. The insurance wants to make a profit and calculates accordingly. The costs are so high that no one buys them.

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