4 Reasons Why People Often Have Diabetes And Bad Breath (Can You Avoid It?)

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Can diabetes cause bad breath? How are diabetes and bad breath related to each other? Often, the sign of bad breath is a result of an underlying medical condition that a person may have. BID’s dental services in Castle Hill, NSW, suggests that obese patients should visit their general dentist as well. Diabetes can also have other detrimental oral health and physical effects on the body. Earlier prevention of symptoms such as halitosis or bad breath can decrease the chance of the higher stages of diabetes. Moreover, you can receive medical and dental advice from your primary care physician and dentist to maintain your overall well-being.


What Causes Diabetes?

A diabetic person can acquire diabetes due to the malfunction of the pancreas. When diabetes occurs, the pancreas can’t produce insulin or function well to sustain the body’s blood sugar. Insulin is a hormone that helps the glucose to transfer to cells for everyday energy use. Over time, when glucose gets clogged in the blood, it may affect the other organs in the diabetic body. What are the different causes of diabetes? Here are some reasons that you can avoid as early as possible.



People that are overweight should check if they are suffering from obesity as a medical condition. It is a considerable risk factor for individuals to be obese regardless of their age. Obesity can lead to other health problems such as heart attack, stroke, arthritis, and diabetes. Patients that are obese may have to ask for additional treatments such as physical therapy, exercise, and a full, balanced meal for recovery.


Genetic/Family History

Diabetes And Bad Breath

Genes can transfer any disease ranging from chronic illnesses to gum and teeth structure. According to research, DNA-caused health problems can either be a higher chance or can decrease. However, a genetic mutation from families can also result in other types of diseases. Race can also be a determining factor for genetic problems. Nevertheless, parents should have an early medical consultation for their babies. Yet, symptoms may not show as early as your child is a teenager or enters adolescence.



As people age, bodies become susceptible to more health illnesses. However, diabetes is not limited to older adults, as even children can inherit diabetes from their family history. On the other hand, type 2 diabetes is more common with people above the age of 45. Age can also affect dental problems and can even become worse. Gums and teeth are weaker as people grow older. It is beneficial for older adults and the elderly always to visit their primary care doctor and general dentist for the maintenance of their overall health care.


Hormonal Problems

Odor in the mouth may be a sign that your halitosis is a hormonal problem instead. A problem in the hormones, such as overproduction of insulin, affects our blood glucose. Yet, there are many hormonal problems that diabetes can also change the endocrine system. Dehydration (dry mouth) and thirst become frequent as the body can’t excrete these waste toxins in the body.


How Does Diabetes And Bad Breath Affect A Person’s Health?

You may not be aware of it but, diabetes and bad breath both puts your life in danger. A board-certified doctor can give medical advice on how you can treat your diabetics problems. Bad breath or fruity odor and smell can also get treatment from your dentist.


Bad Breath Is A Symptom Of Health Issue

Infections can come from bacteria, germs, and food stuck in the gums. Poor oral hygiene also makes a person’s breath stink. Commonly, symptoms of diabetes show as slow healing of wounds, blurry vision, or more secretion of urine. However, there can also be other unseen symptoms such as the relation of diabetes and bad breath. Halitosis or bad breath can also become a symptom that a person may be diabetic. Don’t ignore this warning sign as your unpleasant mouth concern can save your life through medical treatment.


Diabetes Puts Your Life At Risk

What else does diabetes affect your oral hygiene? If your type 1 diabetes continues to become type 2 and lasts longer, it may have further health implications. People with diabetes may also suffer from a heart attack since bacteria, and plaque buildup causes blood clots. Stroke, numb feet, and glaucoma can also develop without prescription medication to reduce insulin production. The hormonal problem for women can also result in gestational diabetes that can go away after giving birth.


Are Diabetes And Bad Breath Connected?

Diabetes And Bad Breath Treatment

Can diabetes and bad breath affect each other? Seemingly, bad breath is a result of excess insulin in the gut that our mouth can release. Ketoacidosis is a health problem where it produces ketones, a waste product after diabetes destroys fat instead of glucose in the body. Type 2 diabetic patients may produce more acetone or the chemical that makes your mouth have a foul odor. Moreover, diabetes can also influence gum diseases to spread rapidly as sugar can stay in bloodstreams that make it smell bad. Furthermore, dry mouth is also a common symptom of diabetes. If you want to keep your dental health in check, have an appointment with your dentist immediately.


Diabetes And Bad Breath Treatments

How do you treat bad breath due to diabetes? Patients should continue getting medication for their diabetes, like metformin or other prescription medication. However, one should not forget to brush their teeth daily. Brush your gums and teeth lightly to avoid bleeding. Moreover, diabetes and harmful breath treatments may coincide with each other. A patient can get proper advice by visiting a local dental clinic or hospital for an initial consultation.

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