Dental Implant Procedure: How Long Does It Take To Recover

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Dental implants are artificial or artificial teeth that replace missing teeth. Dental implants are made of metal, usually, titanium, because they are biologically well connected to living bone. The process of implanting a tooth is a complete process, from the moment you enter the dental clinic until you leave the clinic with a beautifully restored smile. The article explains more on dental implant procedure how long does it take to recover and have good oral hygiene.

The complete implant procedure is a collaboration between a dentist who is responsible for installing a dental implant and a dentist who assumes the final restoration of the teeth. This deployment process occurs in two different stages. There is a minimum interval of 3 months between the two stages of the healing phase.

Dental Implant Surgery:

Dental Implant Procedure How Long Does It TakeAt this stage, the implant is placed in the maxillary bone by a surgical dentist. This phase begins with the fact that a surgical dentist introduces anesthesia to desensitize the area in which the implant is to be installed. When the area becomes inactive, the dentist makes an incision in the gum tissue and exposes the jawbone. Then use a special drill to drill a hole in the bone, and the water passes through that hole to prepare a bone section. Now the metal implant is twisted and installed in the right place. Finally, the dentist closes the gum with several stitches, and the hole in the bone is closed and can heal for at least three months or more. During the healing months, the maxilla grows around the implant, and the implant is structurally and functionally connected to the bone. This process is called osseointegration.

Restoration of the Implant:

This step requires a dentist who places the crown on an implant as an object. After the healing phase, the dentist checks the condition of the jaw. Once secured that the implant is safely secured, another hole is placed directly on the implant, and a metal cylinder called a prosthesis is attached. On this basis, an artificial tooth is constructed. Once the prosthesis is fixed, the dentist measures and determines the size of the artificial tooth, and the pieces are sent to the dental laboratory to create an artificial tooth. Until the last tooth finishes, a temporary implant tooth will be installed at the end. Once the reconstructed tooth is ready, the restorative dentist inserts a new tooth and makes some final changes if necessary.

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