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When it comes to taking care of teeth, it’s always your responsibility. This means a lot than just brushing or flossing as you may think. If you want complete attention, you need to get a dental checkup once a year for professional cleaning.

The initial step to take in such a process is looking for a dentist who you can feel comfortable with. From there now you can start scheduling an appointment. Most of the dental visits are regular checkups and professional cleaning that ensure your teeth always stay cleaner, help last longer and prevent the development of severe problems.

The dentist will take your health history on your first visit. Then on follow-up dental appointment be sure to let your dentist know about any change in your health status. Below are what to expect from your dentist during most interviews, although the experience may vary depending on the oral history of your dental care.

Thorough mouth cleaning

Most checkups most often include full dental cleaning done by the dental hygienist. He or she will scrape below and along the gum line as they remove the build-up plague that can lead to bad breath, cavities, gum disease, and other related problems. Additionally, a dentist will then polish, floss your teeth and instruct you to proper oral care techniques and recommend better products to use while at home to improve oral health.

dental examinationDental examination

The dentist performs full analysis of your mouth, teeth, and gums. In case of any sign of disease or any other problem, treatment is done sooner as it’s identified. The primary objective is to maintain and enhance good oral health and prevent emerging issues from becoming more serious.


A dentist will recommend X-ray depending on the oral disease, age, risk, and symptoms. X-rays diagnose problems unless unnoticed issues such as impacted teeth, tumors, abscesses, decay, and damage to jawbones between your teeth. X-ray can only be recommended in an emergency if you’re pregnant.

Finally, if both of your teeth and gums are in perfect shape, you possibly won’t need to come back for a visit after six months. However, If advance treatment may be required on a dental appointment, comply with the dentist to fill your cavity, remove wisdom tooth or repair a broken crown.

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