Cost of breast reduction

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The surgical procedure of a breast reduction takes about 2 to 3 hours and is performed under general anesthesia. In contrast to the breast lift, not only sagging skin but also fat and glandular tissue is removed and reshaped during breast reduction. Learn more about breast reduction by visiting this site

The treating physician has various methods of breast reduction available. The choice depends on the amount of tissue to be removed and the shape of your rib cage. Your doctor will decide which procedure is appropriate depending on your requirements. All our surgical methods are geared towards achieving the least scars possible. For large breasts, severely sagging skin and loss of skin tension in old age, our specialists prefer to perform a T-shaped incision in breast reduction. This runs around the nipple, from the nipple perpendicular to the lower breast crease and in this on both sides. With good skin elasticity, our specialists tend to use scar-sparing methods.

Cost of breast reductionFollowing the operation, a special bra will be worn for you to wear in the following four to six weeks.

Breast surgery: T-cut breast lift. In a breast reduction, the T-shaped incision is the most common method. Your individual wishes are the focus of the plastic surgeon. Ask all your questions in the first consultation – our specialists take your concerns very seriously. The closer we know your wishes, the better your intervention can be planned. Maybe it bothers you not only the size of your breast but also its shape? Then a combination of breast reduction and toning is the optimal solution.

Cost of a breast reduction

The cost of breast reduction depends on the shape, size and surgical technique required. In addition, a breast reduction should always be planned based on your individual starting situation. If, for example, asymmetries have to be compensated, or if an additional breast lift is required, an operation is much more complex and therefore more expensive. In a joint consultation with our doctors, we will be pleased to prepare a non-binding cost estimate.

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