What Are The Common Dental Procedures I Can Choose From?

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What are the common dental procedures? How can I know what dental procedures I need for treating a damaged, chipped, missing or decayed teeth. Many dental clinics offer the most common dental procedures, and one of them is the CP Dental’s clinic located in Southern Brisbane.

A dentist’s visit can be a terrifying event in one’s life if he or she has no enough knowledge or confused about what are the common dental procedures are done in a dental office. Knowing what common dental procedures are done in a dental clinic will boost your overall oral health.

common dental procedures

You will also be able to relieve yourself from anxiety or fear of going to a dentist. Wondering what the most common dental procedures that can boost your oral health are? Here are the most common dental procedures that are administered by a dentist in a dental clinic.


Common dental procedures

Dental Veneers

Dental veneers are tough, thin parts of porcelain attached to your teeth and more commonly used for cosmetic dentistry. It is one of the most common dental procedures used to protect your damaged teeth and make your teeth whiter or straighter. And dental veneers can last up to more than a decade but depends on the type of veneers.

When do I need veneers?

Veneers are the treatment used by your dentist to cover broken or discoloured teeth so they can look white and glossy. The used of a veneer will depend on what part of your teeth is damaged and its condition. Here are the common concerns where veneers can be used:

  • A discoloured teeth
  • Cracked, chipped or broken tooth
  • Weakened or decayed teeth
  • If you have crooked teeth.


Veneers’ most common benefit to a person is it improves the look of your teeth like whiter teeth and a brighter smile. Here are the following cosmetic concerns that dental veneers are treated.

  • If there is an uneven colouring or severe discolouration on your tooth that whitening cannot be fixed.
  • A chipped or broken tooth.
  • If you have a smaller than average teeth.
  • When you have gaps in between your teeth.
  • Veneers are used for unusually or pointed shaped teeth.


Dental Fillings

Dental fillings are also one of the most common dental procedures used to help close holes or cavities in your teeth. Cavities, such as tooth decay, and traumas resulting in an infection in your teeth, if left untreated. Also, if you have broken or cracked teeth, fillings can be of use for it.

When do I need fillings?

Dental fillings usually treat patients with tooth cavities or trauma on the teeth. Regular consultations to your dentist will prevent you from acquiring cavities. Here are some of the signs of cavities that will help you in treating it.

  • If you have sensitive teeth to cold or hot foods and drinks
  • A sensitivity to sugary drinks and foods.
  • You have an ongoing toothache.
  • There is either a dark or white stain on your tooth.
  • If there is a pit or hole in your tooth.


Here are some of the benefits of dental fillings that will help you boost your oral health.

  • Dental fillings halt the development of your tooth decay through repairing and restoring your damaged tooth.
  • Fillings make a barrier around your damaged teeth that will help in further damaging the affected teeth.
  • A common dental procedure that will preserve the remaining part of your healthy tooth structure.
  • The procedure of fillings can be done in a single visit to a dentist and is less expensive.
  • Dental fillings usually last long or for several years.


Dental Crown

common dental procedures

Dental Crowns or caps are among the most common dental procedures that permanently covers a decayed, damaged or misshapen tooth. Dental crowns are usually made of porcelain, metal or both combined. It typically needs you to have a more than one visit to the dentist, cause your dental crown will be customized made.


When do I need a crowning?

A dental crown will be needed when fillings cannot treat the damage. Also, crowning can be done to the following tooth concerns:

  • If you have a cracked or missing tooth.
  • The tooth is severely worn down.
  • A dental crown is necessary if you have a weakened tooth.


There are many benefits of dental crowning that can offer to you, and these are as follows.

  • Crowning protects your damaged tooth from further damage.
  • It helps in supporting your tooth that was ruined by a decay.
  • A dental crown holds your severely broken or cracked teeth together.
  • Helps in protecting your tooth after you have undergone a root canal procedure.
  • It improves the look of your tooth through changing its colour or shape.
  • Crowns cover your dental implant.


Tooth Extractions

One of the most common dental procedures that are done by a dentist is the tooth extractions. In this procedure, the diseased or severely damaged teeth are extracted permanently from your mouth. Extractions can also be used on orthodontal job that reshapes your mouth. There are two types of tooth extraction: the surgical extraction, broken or almost broken teeth, and the simple extraction, for visible teeth.


When do I need an extraction?

Tooth extractions are a dental procedure that permanently removed the damaged tooth. Here are some reasons why your dentist resorts to extracting your teeth from your mouth.

  • If there is gum disease.
  • Dental cavities are present in your mouth.
  • There is an injury or trauma to your surrounding bone or tooth.
  • If dental infections affect your teeth.
  • When you need to prepare for a dental prosthesis.
  • When there are complications on your wisdom teeth.
  • Baby teeth not falling out at the right age.
  • Extractions can be done when you are preparing for dental braces.


common dental procedures

Here are some of the benefits of tooth extractions.

  • A tooth extraction will help you when you have overcrowded teeth in your mouth.
  • Tooth extraction prevents you from infections and tooth decay.
  • Extraction of your tooth will help you lessen your pain and gives you a useful and brighter smile.


Having enough knowledge of the most common dental procedures done in a dental office will help you alleviate your anxiety and boost your oral health.

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