Cold and flu medicine

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The seasonal flu and the common cold are conditions that result from viruses, and most people can be affected by one of the condition at least once or twice a year. The range of the diseases between individuals can vary, and the symptoms of the two conditions are almost similar. Their conditions have medicine that you can take to reduce their symptoms. One can choose to go to after-hours medical care, and some may prefer having their condition treated at home. This article looks the medicine for cold and flu from over the counter and the home remedies.


Decongestants together with antihistamines prove to be helpful. The medicine comes in various forms, and sometimes they are combined with other drugs where you can purchase without a prescription. What you have to do is find the right medicine after observing your symptoms. The decongestants help by inhibiting swelling of the nose’s passageways hence relieving the pressure feeling and improve the air flow. It is wise noting that the nasal sprays should not be used for more than three days to avoid the side effects of the medicine. Antihistamines are crucial in reducing the symptoms such as a runny nose and sneezing.

cold and flu medicineVitamin C

This is also an important medicine to relieve your cold and flu symptoms. The medicine is a popular remedy which helps in boosting your immunity. As a result, it quickens the process of recovery for you and the kids in a family. Even though there is no research that shows if the medicine can reduce the severity or time of the conditions.

Suppressants/ cough syrups

They are important in reducing coughs. Even though they are not effective in the reduction, it is worth noting that they have a powerful impact on the healing process. Besides, you should know that coughing is part of the process of healing.


This is a home remedy for cold and flu. The lemons contain large quantities of vitamin C that boosts the immunity system of the body. Once they boost the immunity system fighting the effects of cold and flu virus from the body is easy.

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