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Plastic Surgery Breast Augmentation

imed22/ December 22, 2018/ General/ 0 comments

One plastic surgery procedure that has received a lot of media attention for many years is the breast implant for women who want to increase the size of their breasts. But this is just one of three types of plastic surgery breast augmentation procedures.

Sleep Apnea Symptoms

imed22/ November 27, 2018/ General/ 0 comments

Sleep apnea is a mild condition that has affected a big percentage of people around the world. The truth is that we let the minor sleep apnea to develop into a major one not because of our ignorance, but because of lack of knowledge.

Cost Of A Tummy Tuck

imed22/ November 23, 2018/ General/ 0 comments

A tummy tuck may be the easiest way to find a flat stomach, no matter why it is deformed. With the growing popularity of this surgical procedure, several surgeons specialize in this task has reduced the tummy tuck cost.

Facts About Laser Eyelid Surgery

imed22/ November 21, 2018/ General/ 0 comments

Eyelid surgery is essential for young people when eyelids obstruct pupils, so they do not make good connections and are a great choice for people who want to rejuvenate their appearance but are not ready for the facelift. This is usually done in the outpatient clinic.

Facial Rejuvenation To Look Younger

imed22/ November 20, 2018/ General/ 0 comments

Fine lines and wrinkles that come with aging can be reduced to a great extent if you take good care of your skin. Facial rejuvenation set right facial imperfections, and thus improves your appearance and self-confidence.

Benefits Of Eating Fruits After Meal

imed22/ November 19, 2018/ General/ 0 comments

In addition to the fact that you are very tasty, there are many health benefits derived from eating fruits. There are many people who avoid eating foods. Often, people sometimes feel that they can’t eat certain foods just because they are healthy, and they think they will not like it.

Open Rhinoplasty: For Your Nose Perfection

imed22/ November 9, 2018/ General/ 0 comments

Rhinoplasty involves the cosmetic transformation of the external parts of the nose. Regardless of whether it is to reduce the hump, or shorten and elevate the tip of the nose, changing the shape of the nose can cause a dramatic change in the appearance of the face.

What Happens During Liposuction Recovery?

imed22/ November 7, 2018/ General/ 0 comments

Individuals do things in life without thinking about the results. These days, plastic surgery tends to fall in that jump before trying to look for the classification. This is particularly true for “basic” methods, for example, liposuction.

Born With One Kidney – Causes, Symptoms And Treatment

imed22/ October 1, 2018/ General/ 0 comments

The kidney is an essential piece of the body, and that is the reason there are two and not one. Regardless of whether one stops to work the individual could, in any case, live ordinary with one kidney. Be that as it may, the issue happens when both these face a kidney disappointment. The kidney controls and oversees liquids in the body and in the meantime help arranging off the waste liquids from the collection. There are numerous reasons for born with one kidney or kidney disappointment which can be gathered as prerenal causes; renal causes; Postrenal causes; endless renal disappointment.

Benefits Of Traditional Chinese Medicine

imed22/ June 27, 2018/ General/ 0 comments

Chinese Medicine or Chinese Herbal Medicine is an important aspect of traditional Chinese medicine. Practiced for centuries in China, Chinese herbs are considered elemental for treating several acute and chronic conditions. The aim of Chinese Herbal Medicine is to help you gain balance in your body while strengthening your body’s immune system. Apart from the various diseases, this can be

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