Breast Lump Removal Surgery

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A breast lump is a tissue growth inside the mammary glands. It can appear in any women due to hormonal changes. Most of these lumps come and go in a natural process when the breast tissue responds to the hormones

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The reasons behind their formation include:

-Fibro Adenomas:

It occurs in women between 20-30 years and those who are pregnant. The excessive growth in the glandular results in these lumps. It may go away or removed by surgery.

-Fibrocystic Changes:

This occurs mostly during the reproductive years. These changes in the breast tissue are normal and are non-cancerous. The cysts are formed due to secretion ducts blockage resulting in lumpiness and breasts tenderness.

-Phyllodes Tumor:

They formed in the connective tissues of the breasts and are usually painless. The tumors can be cancerous although in very rare cases.


Damage inside the breast results in building up of fatty tissues. The fats accumulate which later becomes a hardened lump of fat.


It occurs in women approaching menopause due to hormonal fluctuations. The breast ducts dilate creating sacs which are filled with fluids. They are painful and slightly moves when pressed.

In most cases, the lumps are characterized by irregular shape, extra calcifications around it, and ill-defined borders. The treatment depends on the causes of the lump. A breast lump removal surgery is advised in such cases.

Breast Lump Removal SurgeryThe breast surgeon will biopsy and remove the lump to evaluate the cells microscopically. However, a simple biopsy can help in spreading cancer during removal of the biopsy needle. For this reason, the lump is often removed in total. Some of the infections are handled by using antibiotics. In the case of cysts, the mass fluid is usually drained.

If there is a diagnosis of cancer, surgery, radiation, hormonal therapy and chemotherapy are the options. It’s important you pay attention to breast lump, detect them, and get treated.

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