Benefits Of Breast Fat Transfer

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Small breasts are an issue to many women around the around. In many cases, they may occur due to weight loss, aging, pregnancy, and heredity. Medical experts have come up with breast fat transfer to assist women who wish to have a natural alternative to the breast implant which can create female natural looking breasts.

The fat transfer breast augmentation process uses the individuals own fat cells in increasing the size of the breasts. In the first part of this process, liposuction is used carefully in harvesting the fat cells from the donor site which is the flanks and abdomen. After the extraction, this fat is then processed to remove all the non-fat fluids and later injected slowly into the breasts. This kind o process is highly beneficial since it increases your breast size naturally and can contour the areas in your chest which may not have responded to exercise and diet.

Breast Fat TransferBefore you seek to undergo this process, you must be examined by your doctor so that he/she determines if you are an ideal candidate. In many cases, the doctor will look at if you have ever used drugs such as alcohol, nicotine, your medical history and if you are using any other medications. In case you are planning to breastfeed in future the doctor will explain to you the impact you are likely to face so that you can make the right decision. In addition to this, the doctor must examine you physically in many areas of your body such as thighs, flanks, abdomen: breast skin, breasts and the potential areas for this procedure.

The best thing about breast fat transfer is that you will receive a quicker recovery compared to the breast implants. In addition to this since it uses the cells of your body, you will not experience capsular contracture or leakage.

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