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Dream Practice: A Vision of a Healing Village – A Client’s View

By Julie Matheson

For months, I’ve been sending out vibes to the universe for help. Help with my desire to find more clarity and peace in my life.  In the turbulence and grind of my daily routine, I forget all about these silent prayers. Then, one day at the neighborhood organic cafe, I casually pick up the local magazine.  Flipping through pages full of articles, my eye catches a small ad in plain letters.  There isn’t much of a description for what she does.  Her ad is simple and to the point. I don’t seem to need any more information than what she provides.  The vibe of her rightness for me is there.  I pick up my cell phone and call her immediately.  She is warm. She is light. She sounds like an angel to me.  We arrange a time to meet and hang up. I am excited. Although I have no idea what seeing her is going to be like, or what it might bring into my life, I’m ready for it.  I couldn’t have created better timing if I tried.

She lives in a part of town I have never been to before.  I didn’t know you could actually see the ocean from here.  When I walk in she is finishing up with someone else. They are obviously delighted about something.  I can tell this previous client is happy with the work they have just completed together.  This gives me hope.

I like her space.  It is soft with many shades of white and beige.  I can see a hint of bright blue ocean off the left corner of her terrace just outside her therapy room.  Simple furniture and a few Buddhistic paintings adorn the room, which is alive with plants.  Stone and blond wood bookshelves holding decades worth of holistic books and journals line her sidewalls.  I have no idea what age she is.  At first I think she is my age, but then I realize she must be 20 or more years older than me. There is something about her presence that feels so free.  I want to imagine that she has no children and no husband.  I don’t know why I want to think that. I guess my mind is trying it’s best to categorize its perception of her freeness.  Maybe it is simply that she has left all of the human aspects of her life at the door and is completely and utterly at my service.

We find a spot on the floor across from each other on her thick, white wool rug. Something soft just rubbed up against my back.  Oh, she has a cat.  That’s right; she told me that on the phone. She scoots a pillow over for me to sit on. She has a way of starting the session that makes me want to pour out my heart to her.  With cat in my lap I start to explain where I am in my life and why I am here.  She asks crisp, insightful questions and her body language and comments tell me she sees deeply beyond my words.  I feel I am being heard on several levels at once.   When she speaks she is clear and grounded.  Her approach to healing seems sophisticated and complete.  It’s clearly multi-dimensional.  She fully understands how energy moves and seems to intuitively grasp why things unfold as they do.  It is clear to me that she not only teaches this philosophy but that she loves it and lives it from the core of her being. Don’t ask me how I can tell this on one visit. I realize I feel clearer today in her presence than I have in a long time. 

After nearly an hour together, it is apparent to me that she has discovered what healing really means for her and she has documented in great detail her own pathway for sharing with others what life has taught her about how to heal.   We have a wonderful session together, and as we finish I make an appointment for next week.  At the door she hands me a thick notebook, remarking that it is the “Manual” for her work.

“This is for you in case you wish to take things apart a bit more,” she says. 

She welcomes me to call her later if I have any questions about it.  “It can be a bit ethereal,” she says “so please don’t hesitate to call if you have questions later.” She is calm and unrushed, despite another client sitting in the waiting room.  She has distinct boundaries and yet somehow she is boundary-less.  Maybe it’s the philosophy she uses that is so expansive. There is something very generous about her.  I feel she has time for me.  Funny I didn’t realize how thirsty I was for someone to be that present with me.  I feel “met” in a way I haven’t been in a long time.  I feel I can do some important healing work with this person. 

Walking down her pebble sidewalk, I too feel unrushed for the first time in months.  Suddenly I realize that I am in a village of health professionals, all nestled here in a sort of healer’s cove.  There are so many trees and flowers, and the cottages are so adorable, I thought I was in a residential area when I first arrived. Now I am seeing signs for every health care need I could possibly have.  To the left of her cottage is a dentist, to the right, a chiropractor.  Across the street is a massage therapist.  At the corner is a deli and teashop, above which I see a sign for yoga classes.  On the opposite corner is a large park with lighted trees.  Intrigued, I decide to explore, only to find that this unique healer’s haven continues on the other side of the park extending even closer down toward the ocean.  Over here there is a pediatrician’s office right next to an acupuncturist and next to a podiatrist.  I have never seen a healer’s district like this.  “What is this place?” I say to myself out loud.

A man nearby answers, “Oh, so you found us.”  I turn around to see a tall, older man as dark as ebony leaning against a tree.  Surprised, I reply, “Uh, hello…., yes, I suppose I have.  What is this place?” I add after another quick look around. “It’s just a special place for healers to work, and in some cases, to live.” he answers.  “Many of us have been here a long time.  Practitioners come and go but the ones who last are the ones who really get it.” “Get what?” I ask.  “Get the mutual respect thing,” he explains.  “We are all so different here.  We all have different skills and approaches to health and wellness but the one thing the long-times have in common that give this community its structure is a deep-rooted mutual respect for each other.  That’s really what makes this place so special.”

I have to ask, “How can it be that this place has not been on my radar screen before now?”  His voice and words are deliberate, but welcoming when he says simply, “Everything happens in its right time.”  Of course, I think to myself.

“The big focus these days is planning our annual street fair expo taking place in mid June” he explains.  He goes on to describe a wonderful week-long event where each practitioner sets up a booth for his or her practice, giving folks a chance to experience the many talents and modalities resident in the village. 

He lights up even more as he says, “There’s delicious, organic food, a live band, and on the last two nights we host a contra dance and a live comedy production.  Almost every single doctor, massage therapist and healer gets involved in the live skit.  It’s definitely worth experiencing.”

“I’ll be sure to come back for that,” I promise, as I bid him farewell and slowly turn back down the path through the trees.  What a magical place this is, I think, as I turn to holler back to the nice gentleman, “I’m glad this place exists!”

“Me, too!” he responds, adding, “See you in June!”

“See you in June,” I promise myself.


Julie Matheson is a holistic therapist specializing in Energy Psychology.  She lives and works in Lexington, MA and occasionally dreams about magical places by the ocean, where people live in harmony.
You can contact her at Phone 617-233-4251


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